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What is BS EN ISO 11353:2017?

BS EN ISO 11353:2017 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing technical articles. It focuses on the structure, format, and content of technical articles, aiming to ensure clarity and consistency in information dissemination.

The Purpose of BS EN ISO 11353:2017

This standard serves as a reference for authors, editors, and reviewers who are involved in the creation and publication of technical articles. It seeks to establish a standardized framework for technical writing, enabling effective communication among readers and experts in various fields.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 11353:2017

BS EN ISO 11353:2017 covers several aspects of technical article writing. One key element is the use of clear and concise language to convey complex concepts. Technical jargon should be minimized, and explanations should be provided for specialized terms to ensure understanding across different audiences.

Another important aspect emphasized by this standard is the proper organization and structure of technical articles. Authors are encouraged to adopt a logical flow, using headings and subheadings to facilitate easy navigation and comprehension. Important points should be highlighted to draw attention and aid in information retention.

The Benefits of BS EN ISO 11353:2017

By adhering to the guidelines set out in BS EN ISO 11353:2017, authors can enhance the quality and effectiveness of their technical articles. Clear and well-structured writing not only improves the readability of the content but also minimizes misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This standard promotes a more efficient exchange of information within the scientific and technical community.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 11353:2017 encourages consistency across different publications. This allows readers to develop familiarity with the standard format, making it easier for them to locate and comprehend information in various articles.


In conclusion, BS EN ISO 11353:2017 provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for technical article writing. Adhering to this standard can greatly improve the clarity, organization, and effectiveness of technical articles, resulting in better communication within the scientific and technical community. By promoting consistency and understanding, this standard plays a crucial role in advancing knowledge and innovation in various fields.


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