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What does AS9100 stand for?


AS9100 is a widely recognized quality management system standard in the aerospace industry. It was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and is based on the ISO 9001 standard. In this article, we will explore what AS9100 stands for and its significance within the aerospace sector.

Understanding AS9100

AS9100 is an internationally accepted quality management system specific to the aerospace industry. It encompasses the requirements of ISO 9001 but includes additional criteria that are critical for ensuring product safety, reliability, and compliance in the aerospace sector. The "AS" in AS9100 stands for Aerospace, while the numbers 9 and 100 represent its position in the ISO 9000 series standard.

The Benefits of AS9100 Certification

Obtaining AS9100 certification brings various benefits to organizations operating in the aerospace industry:

Enhanced Product Quality: AS9100 ensures that processes are in place to consistently deliver products that meet or exceed customer expectations, resulting in enhanced product quality.

Risk Management: AS9100 places significant importance on risk management and mitigation, helping organizations identify and manage potential risks effectively.

Market Access: Being AS9100 certified provides credibility and facilitates market access, as many customers and regulators require suppliers to meet this standard.

Operational Efficiency: AS9100 emphasizes the need for efficient processes, waste reduction, and continuous improvement, leading to improved operational performance.

Customer Satisfaction: By following AS9100, organizations demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, which is vital for long-term success and customer retention.


AS9100 is a comprehensive quality management system standard specifically developed for aerospace organizations. Its focus on product safety, reliability, and compliance ensures that the aerospace industry maintains stringent quality control measures. Acquiring AS9100 certification provides numerous benefits, including enhanced product quality, improved operational efficiency, and increased market access. By adhering to this standard, organizations demonstrate their commitment to meeting customer requirements and ensuring the highest level of quality in the aerospace sector.


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