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What is BS EN ISO 10556:2010?

BS EN ISO 10556:2010 is an international standard that provides guidelines for writing technical articles in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Technical writing plays a crucial role in various industries, particularly those involving complex subjects or specialized knowledge.

Importance of Clear Technical Writing

Clear technical writing ensures effective communication between experts and non-experts in a particular field. It enables readers to comprehend complex concepts, products, or procedures without having extensive background knowledge. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in BS EN ISO 10556:2010, writers can enhance their technical articles' clarity and accessibility to a wider audience.

Main Features of BS EN ISO 10556:2010

BS EN ISO 10556:2010 emphasizes several key features to achieve clear technical writing:

Simplicity: The use of plain language and concise sentences helps readers grasp the main message with ease. Avoiding jargon and unnecessary technical terms enhances clarity.

Structure: Organizing content logically by using headings, subheadings, and appropriate formatting increases readability. Breaking down complex information into smaller sections aids comprehension.

Visual Aids: Incorporating visual elements such as diagrams, illustrations, tables, and charts helps readers visualize the information being conveyed. Visual aids are especially useful when explaining intricate processes or concepts.

Consistency: Maintaining consistency throughout the article fosters comprehension. Consistent terminology, formatting, and style prevent confusion and assist readers in following the text smoothly.

Benefits of Using BS EN ISO 10556:2010

By following the guidelines outlined in BS EN ISO 10556:2010, writers can enjoy several benefits:

Enhanced Communication: Clear technical writing promotes effective communication between experts and non-experts, fostering better understanding of complex subjects.

Improved Accessibility: Writing in an easy-to-understand manner enables a wider audience to access and comprehend technical information, benefiting both industry professionals and consumers.

Time and Cost Savings: Well-written technical articles reduce misunderstandings and errors, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs associated with rework or confusion.

Professionalism: Adhering to international standards demonstrates professionalism and expertise in the field, enhancing reputation and credibility.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 10556:2010 provides valuable guidelines for writing clear and easily understandable technical articles. By following these guidelines, writers can effectively communicate complex information, enhance accessibility, and reap numerous benefits in various industries.


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