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What is BS EN ISO 14726:2019?

BS EN ISO 14726:2019, also known as the International Standard for Ships and Marine Technology – Identification Colors for Pipelines, Valves, and Piping Systems, provides a standardized identification system for ships and marine structures. This standard specifies colors to be used for the identification of content and function of pipes, valves, and other piping systems in various maritime applications.

The Importance of Standardized Color Codes

In the maritime industry, it is crucial to have a clear and universally understood system for identifying the content and function of pipelines and valves. Different vessels and equipment may have complex interconnected piping systems, making it challenging for crew members and maintenance personnel to identify the purpose and contents of each component without a standardized coding system.

With BS EN ISO 14726:2019, shipbuilders, maintenance crews, and inspectors can easily identify the different pipelines and valves on a vessel. This not only improves safety but also enhances operational efficiency by allowing for quicker and more accurate inspections, repairs, and modifications.

The Color Code System

BS EN ISO 14726:2019 assigns specific colors to different contents and functions within piping systems. The color codes are based on internationally recognized symbols to ensure consistency across different vessels and marine structures. Here are some examples of the color codes specified in the standard:

Yellow: Fuel oil and lubricating oil systems

Red: Fire-fighting systems and appliances

Blue: Freshwater and cooling water

Green: Sewage and sanitary systems

These color codes are not only used for pipes but also applied to valves, flanges, and other components. They can be painted on the equipment or indicated through labels and tags. By following these color codes, individuals onboard can quickly determine the purpose and characteristics of each component.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 14726:2019

The adoption of BS EN ISO 14726:2019 offers several benefits to the maritime industry. Firstly, it enhances safety by reducing the risk of confusion or miscommunication regarding the content and function of different piping systems. In emergency situations, having clear identification can help crew members respond promptly and effectively.

Moreover, this standard streamlines maintenance activities. By easily identifying specific systems, crews can conduct routine inspections and repairs efficiently, minimizing downtime for the vessel. It also simplifies modifications and upgrades, ensuring compatibility and preventing errors in connecting new components to existing systems.

Lastly, harmonizing color codes across vessels promotes easier collaboration between ships, shipyards, and maritime service providers. Everyone involved in the industry can communicate more effectively, resulting in smoother operations and improved overall efficiency.


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