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What is BS EN 13450-2002?

BS EN 13450-2002 is a technical standard that applies to industrial valves used in various industries, such as oil and gas, chemical, and power generation. This standard specifies the requirements for design, materials, manufacture, testing, and inspection of industrial valves.

Design Requirements

The design requirements outlined in BS EN 13450-2002 ensure that the valves are suitable for their intended use and can withstand the operating conditions they will be subjected to. These requirements include specifications for the valve body, bonnet, stem, disc, and seating surfaces. The standard also addresses dimensional requirements, such as valve size, face-to-face dimensions, and end connections.

Material Selection and Testing

Another crucial aspect covered by BS EN 13450-2002 is the selection of materials for valve construction. The standard provides guidance on the selection of appropriate materials based on factors like process media, pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistance requirements. It also defines the necessary material testing procedures to ensure the mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of the valve materials meet the specified standards.

Manufacturing, Testing, and Inspection

BS EN 13450-2002 includes comprehensive guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and inspection processes to ensure the quality and reliability of industrial valves. Manufacturers must adhere to specific procedures for welding, heat treatment, and non-destructive testing during the valve production. The standard also outlines requirements for pressure testing, leakage testing, and visual inspection to verify the performance and integrity of the manufactured valves.


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