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What is BS EN 4568-72017?

BS EN 4568-7:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the design, construction, and installation of industrial-scale boilers. This standard covers various aspects such as materials, performance requirements, and testing methods to ensure safety, efficiency, and durability in boiler systems.

Materials and Performance Requirements

The BS EN 4568-7:2017 standard outlines specific material requirements for different parts of the boiler, including the shell, heat exchanger tubes, and fittings. These materials need to meet certain chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure long-term reliability and resistance to high temperatures and pressure.

In addition to material requirements, the standard sets performance criteria for boilers. This includes parameters like maximum allowable operating pressure, heat transfer efficiency, emissions limits, and safety features. By adhering to these requirements, manufacturers can produce reliable and efficient boilers that meet industry standards.

Testing Methods and Certification

To verify compliance with BS EN 4568-7:2017, boilers undergo rigorous testing procedures. These tests evaluate the structural integrity, performance, and safety aspects of the equipment. Some of the common tests performed include hydrostatic pressure testing, non-destructive examination, and efficiency testing under varying conditions.

Once a boiler meets all the required standards and passes the necessary tests, it can be certified as compliant with BS EN 4568-7:2017. Certification serves as evidence that the boiler is safe to operate and conforms to the technical requirements outlined in the standard.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with BS EN 4568-7:2017 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. For manufacturers, adherence to the standard ensures that their boilers are reliable, efficient, and meet the industry's best practices. It also enhances their credibility and market reputation.

For end-users, having a boiler that complies with this standard provides peace of mind knowing that the equipment has undergone rigorous testing and meets all the necessary safety and performance requirements. This helps minimize the risk of accidents, downtime, and costly repairs.

Moreover, using compliant boilers contributes to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The standard includes emission limits and promotes the use of cleaner fuels and technologies, helping reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment.


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