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What is BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014

The BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for testing the color fastness of textiles to artificial light sources, particularly for determining the colorfastness of textiles to exposure to xenon arc lamps.

Understanding Color Fastness Testing

Color fastness is a crucial factor to consider in the textile industry as it determines how well a fabric or material retains its original color when subjected to various external factors such as light, heat, water, and more. Color fading, bleeding, or transferring can all be indications of poor color fastness.

BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014 specifically addresses the color fastness of textiles to xenon arc lamps, which emit light resembling natural sunlight. This standard is important because exposure to artificial light sources can significantly affect the color stability of textiles over time.

Significance of BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014

The BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014 standard ensures that textiles meet certain color fastness requirements, making them suitable for their intended uses. It enables manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to assess and compare the color durability of different textile products accurately. Additionally, compliance with this standard helps mitigate potential consumer concerns, such as unexpected color changes after purchase or during usage.

This standard also aids in quality control processes throughout the textile supply chain, allowing manufacturers to evaluate the impact of light exposure on their products. By adhering to the BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014 guidelines, manufacturers can take appropriate measures to enhance the color fastness of their textiles and increase customer satisfaction.


The BS EN ISO 105-E05:2014 standard plays a critical role in ensuring the colorfastness of textiles to xenon arc lamps. Understanding this standard can help textile industry professionals make informed decisions regarding product development, quality control, and consumer satisfaction. By adhering to these guidelines, manufacturers can produce textiles with superior color durability, enhancing their market competitiveness and building trust among consumers.


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