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What is BS EN 62368-3:2016?

BS EN 62368-3:2016 is an international safety standard that applies to information technology equipment (ITE) and audio/video equipment. The standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of products in order to ensure their safe operation and to protect users from electrical hazards.

Electrical Safety

One of the key aspects addressed by BS EN 62368-3:2016 is electrical safety. The standard sets out guidelines for identifying potential electrical hazards and mitigating them through appropriate design measures. This includes protecting against electric shock, ensuring insulation integrity, and preventing overheating. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that the product meets the minimum safety requirements.

Mechanical Safety

In addition to electrical safety, BS EN 62368-3:2016 also covers mechanical safety. It provides requirements for the mechanical design of equipment to prevent injury to users due to moving parts, sharp edges, or other hazards associated with the physical structure of the product. The standard emphasizes the importance of robust enclosure design and adequate protection against any potential mechanical risks.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is another essential aspect considered in BS EN 62368-3:2016. The standard addresses issues related to fire prevention and reduction through appropriate material selection, circuit design, and thermal management. It establishes requirements for limiting the risk of ignition and fire spread, thus safeguarding users and their surroundings from potential fire hazards.


BS EN 62368-3:2016 is a crucial safety standard for ITE and audio/video equipment. It covers electrical, mechanical, and fire safety aspects, guaranteeing that the products meet established safety criteria. Compliance with this standard helps manufacturers ensure the safety of their products and gain the trust of consumers. It also provides consumers with the assurance that the products they purchase have undergone rigorous safety testing and meet recognized international standards. Therefore, adherence to BS EN 62368-3:2016 is essential for all companies involved in the production and distribution of ITE and audio/video equipment.


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