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What is BS EN 16656:2020?

BS EN 16656:2020 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for the safety eyewear used in various industries. It provides guidelines for the design, construction, performance, and testing of safety eyewear to ensure maximum protection for workers.

The Importance of BS EN 16656:2020

In any working environment, occupational hazards are a concern. Safety eyewear plays a crucial role in safeguarding workers' eyes from potential risks such as flying particles, chemical splashes, harmful radiation, and high-velocity impact. The implementation of BS EN 16656:2020 ensures that safety eyewear meets the necessary standards to offer reliable eye protection.

Key Requirements of BS EN 16656:2020

BS EN 16656:2020 outlines various requirements that safety eyewear must meet to ensure its effectiveness:

Optical Clarity: Safety lenses need to provide excellent visual clarity without distortion or obstruction.

Impact Resistance: Eyewear must be able to withstand high-speed projectiles and protect against impacts.

Chemical Resistance: Safety glasses should resist penetration by hazardous substances and chemicals.

UV Protection: Adequate protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation is necessary to prevent eye damage.

Fit and Comfort: Eyewear should fit securely and comfortably on different face shapes to encourage usage throughout the work shift.

Testing and Certification

To ensure compliance with BS EN 16656:2020, safety eyewear undergoes rigorous testing by authorized bodies. These tests evaluate aspects such as impact resistance, optical properties, chemical resistance, and compatibility with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Once the eyewear meets all the requirements, it receives a certification indicating compliance with BS EN 16656:2020. This certification assures employers and workers that the safety eyewear provides sufficient protection.


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