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What is BS EN 16758:2020

Every industry has its own set of standards and regulations to ensure the safety, reliability, and quality of products and services. In the field of technical writing, one such standard that holds great significance is BS EN 16758:2020.

Understanding the Scope

BS EN 16758:2020, also known as "Technical product documentation - Requirements for standardized representation of functions and industrial automation systems", aims to provide guidelines for documenting technical information related to functions and automation systems in various industries.

The standard outlines the requirements for creating clear and consistent documentation that enables effective communication between manufacturers, end-users, and other stakeholders involved in the design, development, and maintenance of these systems.

Key Components of BS EN 16758:2020

To fully comprehend the impact of BS EN 16758:2020, it's important to understand its key components. The standard primarily focuses on defining a standardized terminology and structure for representing the functions and behavior of industrial automation systems.

It provides guidance on how to document functional requirements, system architecture, performance specifications, and operating instructions in a clear and concise manner. Furthermore, BS EN 16758:2020 emphasizes the importance of visual representation, such as diagrams and symbols, to enhance the understanding of complex systems.

Additionally, the standard addresses the need for consistency in the documentation process, emphasizing the use of standardized templates and formats across different projects and organizations. This ensures that information can be easily exchanged and understood, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.

Benefits and Implications

The implementation of BS EN 16758:2020 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. Standardizing technical documentation enhances interoperability between different systems and enables seamless integration across various industries.

Furthermore, clear and concise documentation reduces the risks associated with misinterpretation and ensures that vital information is accurately communicated. This results in improved safety, increased efficiency, and reduced downtime during system installation, operation, and maintenance.

From a business perspective, compliance with BS EN 16758:2020 can enhance a company's reputation as a reliable and quality-focused organization. Adhering to standardized documentation practices demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to delivering products and services of high standards.

In conclusion, BS EN 16758:2020 plays a crucial role in standardizing the representation of functions and industrial automation systems. Its guidelines ensure consistency and clarity in technical documentation, enabling effective communication and streamlined processes. By following this standard, organizations can improve interoperability, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency in their operations.


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