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What is BS EN 12464-2:2014?

BS EN 12464-2:2014 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for lighting installations in indoor workspaces. It was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and provides recommendations for lighting design to ensure adequate visual conditions, visual comfort, and well-being of individuals in these spaces.

Why is BS EN 12464-2 important?

Proper lighting in indoor workspaces is crucial as it directly impacts productivity, safety, and the overall quality of work performed. Inadequate lighting can lead to visual discomfort, eyestrain, and even accidents. By following BS EN 12464-2, organizations can create well-lit environments that promote productivity, enhance visual performance, and contribute to the health and well-being of employees.

Key requirements of BS EN 12464-2

BS EN 12464-2 outlines various requirements that need to be considered during the lighting design process. These include:

Minimum illuminance levels: The standard specifies minimum illuminance levels for different types of tasks performed in indoor workspaces. For example, a general office area should have an illuminance level of at least 500 lux, while a demanding visual task may require higher illuminance.

Glare control: BS EN 12464-2 emphasizes the importance of controlling glare to ensure visual comfort. It provides guidance on limiting both direct and reflected glare, considering factors such as luminaire placement, shielding, and surface finishes.

Color rendering index (CRI): Lighting installations must meet specific CRI requirements to accurately render colors and enhance visual perception. The standard defines minimum CRI values for various applications, such as offices, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Uniformity: Achieving uniform lighting distribution is important to avoid shadows or areas of overly bright light. The standard provides recommendations for achieving adequate lighting uniformity in indoor workspaces.

Implementing BS EN 12464-2

To implement BS EN 12464-2, organizations need to involve lighting professionals who are knowledgeable about the standard's requirements. These professionals can assess the specific lighting needs of workspaces, perform lighting calculations, and design installations that comply with the standard. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections are also necessary to ensure compliance and address any changes that may affect lighting conditions.


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