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How many amps is a Type 2 EV charger?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant popularity in recent years as a clean and sustainable mode of transportation. With the increase in EV adoption, the demand for charging infrastructure has also grown. One common type of EV charger is the Type 2 charger. In this article, we will take a closer look at how many amps a typical Type 2 EV charger provides.

The basics of Type 2 EV chargers

Type 2 EV chargers, also known as IEC 62196-2 or Mennekes connectors, are widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. They offer a standard charging solution for many electric car models. These chargers provide alternating current (AC) power to the vehicle's battery, allowing it to charge efficiently.

One important specification of a Type 2 charger is the maximum current it can deliver, measured in amps. This determines the charging speed and time required to charge an electric vehicle fully. Different Type 2 chargers may have different maximum current ratings.

Typical amp ratings for Type 2 chargers

The amp rating of a Type 2 charger depends on several factors, including the country or region where it is used and the power availability. However, most Type 2 chargers commonly found in public charging stations and homes have maximum amp ratings ranging from 16 to 32 amps.

A 16-amp Type 2 charger is typically considered a slower charger, best suited for overnight charging or when time is not a constraint. It can provide around 3.7 kW of power to the EV battery, which translates to approximately 15-25 miles of driving range per hour of charging, depending on various factors like the vehicle's efficiency and battery capacity.

On the other hand, a 32-amp Type 2 charger is considered a faster charger. It can provide around 7.4 kW of power to the EV battery, resulting in approximately 30-50 miles of driving range per hour of charging. This type of charger is especially useful for those who need quicker recharging times, such as during road trips or when multiple vehicles need to be charged in a shorter period.


Knowing the amp rating of a Type 2 EV charger is essential for understanding its charging capabilities. While 16-amp chargers are suitable for overnight and slower charging needs, 32-amp chargers offer faster charging speeds, making them ideal for situations that require more immediate recharging. It is important to note that these amp ratings may vary depending on the specific charger model, so it is always recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications for accurate information.

Overall, the availability of Type 2 chargers with different amp ratings provides flexibility and convenience for EV owners, allowing them to choose the charger that best suits their charging needs.


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