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What is BS EN 62841-2:2013?

BS EN 62841-2:2013 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the safety of electrically operated cleaning machines. It specifies safety requirements and test methods for floor treatment machines used in commercial, industrial, and domestic environments. These machines include scrubber driers, polishers, and other similar appliances.

Ensuring User Safety

The primary goal of BS EN 62841-2:2013 is to ensure the safety of individuals using electrically operated cleaning machines. This standard sets out measures to address potential hazards such as electric shock, fire, explosions, and mechanical injuries. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can minimize risks and offer safe products to consumers.

Some key requirements specified by BS EN 62841-2:2013 include:

Protection against electric shock through proper insulation and grounding

Prevention of access to hazardous parts of the machine

Ensuring stability and balance of the equipment during operation

Proper labelling and warnings for potential risks

Evaluation of noise levels to prevent hearing damage

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturers are encouraged to follow BS EN 62841-2:2013 to meet legal obligations and ensure the safety of their products. Compliance with this standard is often assessed by independent certification bodies who conduct thorough testing and inspections. Products that pass these assessments receive certification marks, assuring customers that the machines have met the necessary safety requirements.

Certification also enhances marketability, as it demonstrates a commitment to quality and user safety. Buyers should look for the CE (Conformité Européene) mark when purchasing electric cleaning machines, as this indicates conformity with BS EN 62841-2:2013 and other relevant European Union standards.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

In addition to adhering to safety standards during manufacturing, regular maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing safety of electric cleaning machines. Users should follow manufacturer instructions for proper maintenance, including routine inspection, cleaning, and servicing.

Regular maintenance helps detect any potential issues and ensures that safety features continue to operate effectively. It is also important to replace any worn-out parts and use genuine spare parts recommended by the manufacturer.

By combining compliance with BS EN 62841-2:2013 during manufacturing and diligent maintenance practices, users can enjoy the benefits of efficient and safe electric cleaning machines.


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