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What is BS EN 62973-1:2017?

BS EN 62973-1:2017 is a technical standard that applies to wearable electronic devices. The standard sets out requirements for the product performance, safety, and user information of these devices. It was developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and provides guidelines for manufacturers and regulatory bodies in order to ensure that wearable electronic devices meet certain quality and safety standards.

Product Performance Requirements

One of the key objectives of BS EN 62973-1:2017 is to define the product performance requirements for wearable electronic devices. This includes aspects such as accuracy, reliability, durability, and functionality. Manufacturers need to ensure that their devices perform as expected under normal operating conditions and provide consistent and reliable data to users. This ensures that consumers can trust the performance of the devices and make informed decisions based on the data they receive.

Safety Requirements

Another important aspect covered by BS EN 62973-1:2017 is the safety requirements for wearable electronic devices. This includes considerations such as electrical safety, protection against hazardous materials, and resistance to environmental factors. Devices must undergo rigorous testing and comply with specific safety standards to reduce the risk of harm to the users. For example, the standard may specify limits on electromagnetic radiation emissions and require devices to be water-resistant or shockproof.

User Information and Warnings

In addition to performance and safety requirements, BS EN 62973-1:2017 also outlines guidelines for user information and warnings. Manufacturers are required to provide clear and comprehensive instructions to users, including information on device setup, proper usage, and maintenance. Warnings about potential risks and limitations of the devices must also be clearly communicated to ensure that users are aware of any possible dangers. This helps to prevent misuse or misunderstanding of the devices and promotes user safety.

In conclusion, BS EN 62973-1:2017 is a technical standard that sets out requirements for wearable electronic devices. It covers aspects such as product performance, safety, and user information. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their devices meet certain quality and safety standards, providing consumers with reliable and safe products.


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