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What is BS EN ISO 24516-2019?


BS EN ISO 24516-2019, also known as "Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits Using Tracer Methods," is a professional technical standard that provides guidance and procedures for measuring the flow rate of fluids in closed conduits using tracer methods. Tracer methods involve a known quantity of tracer substance into the fluid stream and then analyzing its concentration or presence at various points along the conduit to determine the flow rate.

Scope and Objectives

This standard specifies requirements for the design, installation, and operation of tracer method systems for measuring fluid flow in closed conduits. It applies to both new installations and existing systems where retrofitting tracer systems is feasible. The objectives of BS EN ISO 24516-2019 include:

Ensuring accurate measurement of flow rates in closed conduits

Promoting consistency and reliability in tracer method measurements

Providing guidelines on the selection and use of appropriate tracers

Establishing procedures for data analysis and reporting

Main Features

The main features of BS EN ISO 24516-2019 can be summarized as follows:

Tracer Selection: The standard outlines criteria for selecting suitable tracers based on their stability, detectability, and non-reactivity with the fluid being measured. It also provides guidelines on tracer injection methods and quantities.

System Design and Installation: The standard specifies requirements for the design and installation of tracer systems, including considerations for tracer injection points, sampling locations, and monitoring equipment. It emphasizes the need for accuracy, reliability, and safety in system construction.

Data Analysis: BS EN ISO 24516-2019 describes statistical methods and calculations to be used in analyzing tracer data. This includes determining the mean flow rate, identifying sources of error, and estimating measurement uncertainty.

Reporting: The standard provides guidelines for documenting tracer method measurements, including the format and content of measurement reports. It advises on the inclusion of essential information such as measurement conditions, uncertainties, and any deviations from standard procedures.


BS EN ISO 24516-2019 is an important technical standard that sets out best practices for measuring fluid flow in closed conduits using tracer methods. Its scope covers various aspects of tracer system design, installation, operation, and data analysis. By following the guidelines provided in this standard, engineers and technicians can ensure accurate and reliable measurement of flow rates, leading to more effective fluid management and improved operational efficiency.


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