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What is BS EN 12810-2:2014?

BS EN 12810-2:2014 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for temporary works equipment used in construction projects. Temporary works equipment refers to any supporting structure used during construction, maintenance, or demolition activities.

Importance of BS EN 12810-2:2014

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and efficiency on construction sites. It establishes minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, and use of temporary works equipment. Compliance with BS EN 12810-2:2014 helps prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities by providing clear guidelines that must be followed.

Main Requirements of BS EN 12810-2:2014

The standard covers various aspects related to temporary works equipment, including loadings, stability, structural design, and materials. It outlines criteria for strength, stability, and safety factors that need to be considered during the design and construction phases of temporary works equipment.

Furthermore, BS EN 12810-2:2014 specifies testing procedures, inspection requirements, and maintenance recommendations to ensure the ongoing integrity and safety of the equipment.

Benefits of Compliance

Complying with BS EN 12810-2:2014 offers several benefits to construction companies and workers. First and foremost, it prioritizes safety by setting clear standards and guidelines for the use of temporary works equipment. This leads to a reduced risk of accidents, thereby minimizing project delays and costly legal disputes.

Moreover, compliance promotes efficiency by ensuring that equipment is fit for its intended purpose and can withstand the loads and forces imposed on it during construction activities. This allows work to progress smoothly, avoiding unnecessary disruptions and rework.

Furthermore, adherence to the standard helps maintain a professional image for construction companies, attracting clients who prioritize safety and quality. Compliance also facilitates better communication among stakeholders, as everyone can rely on a shared set of guidelines and expectations.


BS EN 12810-2:2014 is an essential technical standard for the construction industry. It sets clear requirements and criteria for the design, construction, installation, and use of temporary works equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency on construction sites. Compliance with this standard not only prevents accidents and injuries but also promotes professionalism and enhances project outcomes. Construction companies should familiarize themselves with BS EN 12810-2:2014 and ensure its implementation to prioritize worker safety and project success.


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