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What is BS EN ISO 10798:2010


In the field of technical standards, BS EN ISO 10798:2010 holds significant importance. This article aims to delve into the details of this standard, its purpose, scope, and impact on various industries.

Understanding BS EN ISO 10798:2010

BS EN ISO 10798:2010, also known as "Technical product documentation - Construction products - Contents of design and production documentation," is an international standard that provides guidelines for the content and structure of design and production documentation for construction products.

The primary objective of this standard is to ensure consistency and clarity in the information provided in product documentation. It enhances communication between manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and customers, thereby improving the overall quality and safety of construction projects.

This standard covers a broad range of aspects, including product identification, specifications, drawings, calculations, test reports, installation instructions, and maintenance requirements. It sets forth standard formats for presenting this information, ensuring ease of understanding and interpretation.

Implementation and Impact

Adhering to BS EN ISO 10798:2010 offers numerous benefits to all stakeholders involved in construction projects. For manufacturers, it provides a structured framework for creating comprehensive product documentation, leading to better product performance and customer satisfaction. Moreover, using standardized formats allows for easier integration of product data into digital design tools and software systems.

Suppliers benefit from enhanced collaboration with manufacturers, enabling them to source and deliver suitable products efficiently. Contractors can effectively plan and execute projects based on well-documented design and production information, resulting in improved project management and reduced risks.

From the perspective of customers, BS EN ISO 10798:2010 ensures that they receive accurate and consistent information about construction products, facilitating informed decision-making. Properly documented product information assists in complying with regulations, meeting safety standards, and maintaining the integrity of the built environment.


BS EN ISO 10798:2010 is a vital standard that plays a crucial role in the construction industry. Its guidelines for design and production documentation promote transparency, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the supply chain. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and customers can benefit from improved product performance, streamlined processes, and enhanced safety in construction projects.


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