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What is BS EN 61591:2018?

BS EN 61591:2018 is a technical standard that specifies safety and performance requirements for household range hoods. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, installers, and users to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these appliances.

Safety Requirements

One of the key focuses of BS EN 61591:2018 is on the safety aspects of household range hoods. This includes guidelines for electrical components, ventilation systems, and fire safety measures. The standard sets out specific requirements for motor and fan performance, noise levels, and energy efficiency to minimize potential hazards and optimize performance.

Performance Requirements

BS EN 61591:2018 also addresses the performance aspects of household range hoods. These requirements aim to provide users with effective ventilation, smoke extraction, and odor control capabilities. The standard defines minimum airflow rates and pressure drops, as well as testing methods to assess the filter's efficiency in removing grease particles and other pollutants.

Benefits and Impact

The implementation of BS EN 61591:2018 has several benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. For manufacturers, complying with this standard ensures adherence to industry best practices and can enhance product quality and reliability. It also provides a clear framework for product development and facilitates international trade by harmonizing safety and performance requirements.

For consumers, BS EN 61591:2018 guarantees that household range hoods meet stringent safety standards and deliver optimal performance. This means better air quality in the kitchen, improved smoke and odor removal, and reduced risk of fire hazards. Compliance with this standard gives consumers peace of mind knowing that their appliances are reliable and have been thoroughly tested to meet recognized safety and performance criteria.

In conclusion, BS EN 61591:2018 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and performance of household range hoods. By establishing comprehensive guidelines, this standard sets a benchmark for manufacturers to follow, resulting in safer and more efficient appliances for consumers. Compliance with BS EN 61591:2018 provides tangible benefits to both manufacturers and users, fostering trust, and improving overall product quality and user experience.


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