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What is BS EN 60061-4:2018?

In the world of technical standards, BS EN 60061-4:2018 plays a crucial role. This standard, commonly referred to as "Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety - Part 4: Guidelines and general information," establishes guidelines and provides general information concerning lamp caps and holders. Let's delve deeper into this important standard.

Importance of BS EN 60061-4:2018

BS EN 60061-4:2018 is designed to ensure the interchangeability and safety of lamp caps and holders in various applications. It defines the necessary dimensions, testing procedures, and requirements for these critical components. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can guarantee that their products are compatible with existing lamps and are safe to use.

Main Features and Requirements

This standard outlines essential features and requirements for lamp caps and holders. One key aspect is the dimensional compatibility with other components such as lampholders, as specified in the standard. Additionally, it provides guidance on testing procedures, including mechanical tests and electrical tests, to assess the safety and performance of these components.

Furthermore, BS EN 60061-4:2018 emphasizes the need for proper labeling and markings on lamp caps and holders. This ensures that users can easily identify and select the suitable product for their specific application. The standard also addresses issues related to the safe installation and maintenance of lamp caps and holders.

Role in International Trade

BS EN 60061-4:2018 serves as a harmonization tool in international trade. It provides a common language and framework for manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators globally. By complying with this standard, companies can ensure that their products meet the requirements of different markets, facilitating smooth trade and avoiding technical barriers.

Moreover, BS EN 60061-4:2018 promotes consumer safety by establishing a unified set of guidelines and procedures for lamp caps and holders. This eliminates confusion and ensures that users can confidently use products from various manufacturers without compromising safety.

In conclusion, BS EN 60061-4:2018 is an essential standard in the field of lamp caps and holders. Its guidelines and requirements ensure interchangeability, safety, and quality within the industry. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can produce reliable and compatible products, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and safety.


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