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Is IEC 61439 Part 6: 2012


The IEC 61439 standard is a crucial reference for the low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies industry. It provides comprehensive guidelines for the design, performance, and testing of these electrical components. Part 6 of the standard specifically focuses on requirements for busbar trunking systems. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects covered by IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 and its significance in ensuring safe and efficient electrical installations.

Overview of IEC 61439 Part 6: 2012

IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 covers various aspects related to busbar trunking systems, including their construction, performance, and safety features. The purpose of this section is to outline standardized requirements that manufacturers must meet to ensure reliable and high-quality electrical distribution within buildings. The standard specifies parameters such as rated voltage, current-carrying capacity, and protection against short circuits and overloads.

Moreover, IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 provides detailed instructions for designing and manufacturing busbar trunking systems, addressing critical factors like heat dissipation, temperature rise limits, and electromagnetic compatibility. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that the assemblies can withstand environmental conditions and operate safely under normal and fault conditions.

Importance of IEC 61439 Part 6: 2012

The implementation of IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 is of utmost importance in achieving reliable and safe electrical installations. This standard not only guarantees the performance of busbar trunking systems but also emphasizes the importance of quality control during manufacturing processes. By adhering to the standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the required levels of electrical safety and performance, minimizing the risks of potential failures and accidents.

IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 offers benefits to various stakeholders, including designers, installers, and end-users. Designers can rely on the standard's guidelines and specifications during the planning phase, enabling them to deliver efficient electrical installations that comply with industry best practices. Installers can use the standard as a benchmark for quality assurance, providing confidence to customers that their systems will function reliably. Lastly, end-users benefit from safe and efficient electrical distribution, enabling smooth operation of their facilities while prioritizing the well-being of occupants.


IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 is a vital component of the overall IEC 61439 series, specifically focusing on busbar trunking systems. By setting standardized requirements for design, construction, and performance, this standard ensures reliable and safe electrical distribution within buildings. Adhering to IEC 61439 Part 6:2012 allows manufacturers to produce high-quality assemblies that meet industry standards, contributing to enhanced electrical safety and efficiency. Ultimately, compliance with this standard benefits all stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of electrical installations.


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