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What is BS EN 16635:2020?

The BS EN 16635:2020 is a professional technical standard that sets forth guidelines and requirements for the management and preservation of digital information. It specifically focuses on the production and long-term retention of electronic records. The standard aims to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and accessibility of digital information over time.

The Importance of BS EN 16635:2020

In today's digital age, organizations generate an immense amount of electronic data. This data includes critical information such as financial records, customer details, and operational processes. The BS EN 16635:2020 provides a framework for managing this data effectively, minimizing the risk of data loss, corruption, or unauthorized access.

The standard acts as a guideline for organizations to establish efficient systems and processes for the creation, storage, and retrieval of electronic records. By adhering to BS EN 16635:2020, companies can mitigate legal and regulatory risks, demonstrate compliance, and improve the overall governance of their information assets.

Key Requirements of BS EN 16635:2020

To comply with BS EN 16635:2020, organizations must implement several key requirements. Firstly, they need to develop a comprehensive records management policy that outlines the procedures for creating, classifying, and labeling electronic records. This helps ensure consistency and standardization across the organization.

Secondly, organizations must establish secure storage and backup mechanisms for electronic records. This includes implementing appropriate access controls, encryption protocols, and redundancy measures to safeguard against data breaches, hardware failure, or natural disasters.

Additionally, the standard emphasizes the importance of metadata management. Organizations should capture and maintain accurate and complete metadata associated with electronic records. Metadata provides critical context and enables efficient search and retrieval of information, especially as the volume of digital data continues to grow.


In an increasingly digital world, BS EN 16635:2020 plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective management and preservation of electronic records. By adhering to this technical standard, organizations can minimize risks associated with data loss, maintain compliance, and optimize their overall information governance practices. Embracing BS EN 16635:2020 allows businesses to harness the power of digital information while safeguarding its integrity, accessibility, and longevity.


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