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What is BS EN 60730-2-14:2018?

BS EN 60730-2-14:2018, also known as EN 60730-2-14:2018, is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for automatic electrical controls for household and similar use. These controls are used in appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and heating systems to ensure safe operation and protect users from potential hazards.

Scope and Application

This standard applies to automatic electrical controls intended for use in appliances or equipment for households and similar purposes, including electrical controls integrated with these appliances or equipment. It sets out the general requirements and specific test methods to evaluate the performance and safety of these controls.

The scope covers a wide range of controls, including those used for temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, gas detection, level, and electrical power. It also includes controls used for sensing presence, aBS ENce, or movement of people, as well as timers and time switches.

Key Requirements and Testing Procedures

BS EN 60730-2-14:2018 emphasizes the importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of automatic electrical controls. The standard specifies requirements such as electrical insulation, protection against mechanical impact, resistance to heat and fire, and resistance to environmental conditions. Manufacturers must comply with these requirements to achieve certification and demonstrate their product's conformance to the standard.

Testing procedures outlined in the standard include endurance tests, temperature-rise tests, dielectric strength tests, and resistance to heat and fire tests. These tests help identify potential weaknesses in control devices and ensure they can withstand the conditions they may encounter during normal or abnormal operation.

Benefits and Advancements

BS EN 60730-2-14:2018 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Firstly, it increases the safety of automatic electrical controls used in household appliances, reducing the risk of accidents or malfunctions. Secondly, it establishes a common set of requirements and testing procedures, making it easier for manufacturers to design and produce compliant products. Thirdly, it provides a basis for regulatory bodies to enforce safety standards and protect consumer interests.

With advancements in technology, automatic electrical controls continue to evolve, becoming more sophisticated and efficient. BS EN 60730-2-14:2018 keeps pace with these new developments, ensuring that control devices meet the latest safety requirements. This standard plays a critical role in promoting innovation while maintaining the highest level of safety in the design and production of household appliances.


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