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What is BS EN 16613562020?

BS EN 16613562020 is a technical standard that specifically focuses on the requirements for protective eyewear used in various industries. It sets out the specifications and guidelines for the design, testing, and performance of safety glasses to ensure maximum protection for workers.

The Importance of BS EN 16613562020

In any work environment where there is a risk of eye injury, it is crucial to adhere to safety regulations and standards such as BS EN 16613562020. The eyes are extremely vulnerable to hazards like flying particles, chemicals, radiation, or intense light, which can cause severe damage or even permanent blindness.

BS EN 16613562020 provides a standardized framework for manufacturers and employers to follow, ensuring that protective eyewear meets the necessary quality and safety criteria.

Key Features of BS EN 16613562020

BS EN 16613562020 covers a range of factors and features that must be considered when designing and manufacturing protective eyewear. These include:

1. Impact Resistance: Protective eyewear must be able to withstand high-velocity impacts from projectiles commonly found in different work environments. This requirement helps minimize the risk of direct eye contact with hazardous objects.

2. Optical Quality: Safety glasses need to provide clear and undistorted vision to ensure that workers can perform their tasks accurately and without visual impairment caused by the lens material or design.

3. UV Protection: BS EN 16613562020 mandates that safety glasses provide adequate protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can lead to long-term eye damage, including cataracts and macular degeneration.

4. Compatibility and Comfort: The standard addresses issues related to the ergonomic design of protective eyewear. This includes factors such as adjustability, weight distribution, and compatibility with other personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hats or respirators.


BS EN 16613562020 plays a vital role in ensuring that workers' eyes are protected from potential hazards in their respective work environments. By complying with this technical standard, manufacturers and employers can provide high-quality safety glasses that effectively minimize the risk of eye injuries.

It is important for both employees and employers to understand the importance of using safety glasses that adhere to BS EN 16613562020. By prioritizing eye protection, we can create safer work environments and prevent unnecessary eye injuries.


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