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How long does it take to get ISO 17025 certified?

ISO 17025 is an international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It ensures that these laboratories meet certain requirements in terms of competence, impartiality, and overall quality. Getting ISO 17025 certified is a significant achievement for any lab, as it demonstrates their commitment to providing accurate and reliable results.

The certification process

Obtaining ISO 17025 certification involves several steps and can be a time-consuming process. The exact duration depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the laboratory, its current quality management system, and the level of preparedness. On average, it typically takes around 6-12 months to complete all the necessary steps.

Evaluation and gap analysis

The first step in the certification process is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the laboratory's existing quality management system. This includes assessing whether the current practices and procedures align with the ISO 17025 requirements. A detailed gap analysis is performed to identify areas that need improvement or modifications.

Documentation and implementation

Once the gaps are identified, the laboratory needs to develop and implement all the necessary procedures and documentation required by ISO 17025. This includes quality manuals, work instructions, standard operating procedures, and record keeping systems. All personnel in the lab must be trained and made aware of the new processes and policies.

It is essential to note that this phase may take a significant amount of time, especially for larger labs with complex operations. The implementation process should be meticulous and planned carefully to ensure compliance with the standard's requirements. Regular internal audits are conducted to ensure that the implemented processes are effective and sustainable.

External assessment and finalization

Once the laboratory has successfully implemented all the necessary changes, an external assessment is conducted by an accredited certification body. The assessment involves a thorough review of the lab's documentation, procedures, and facilities to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 requirements. Any non-conformances are identified, and corrective actions are taken.

After addressing the non-conformances, the accreditation body issues the ISO 17025 certificate, signifying that the laboratory has successfully met all the requirements. This certification is usually valid for a specific period, typically three years. Periodic surveillance audits are performed during this validity period to verify continued compliance.


Obtaining ISO 17025 certification is a time-consuming process that requires careful planning, implementation, and evaluation. While the duration may vary depending on various factors, laboratories should allocate sufficient time and resources to ensure a successful certification journey. The benefits of achieving this standard are immense and can lead to improved credibility, customer confidence, and increased business opportunities.


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