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What is BS EN ISO 48942016


BS EN ISO 48942016, also known as ISO 4894:2016, is a technical standard that focuses on the determination of the peel adhesion properties of pressure-sensitive tapes. This standard provides guidelines and test methods for measuring the peel adhesion strength of adhesive tapes under defined conditions. The results obtained can help manufacturers ensure the quality and performance of their products, and provide users with reliable information for selecting and using tapes effectively.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 48942016

One of the key requirements of BS EN ISO 48942016 is the preparation of test specimens. The standard specifies the dimensions and preparation methods for both single-coated and double-coated tapes, ensuring consistent and accurate measurement results. Additionally, the standard outlines the testing equipment and procedures to be followed when conducting the peel adhesion test. The test is typically performed at a specific angle and speed, and the force required to peel the tape from a designated surface is measured. These controlled testing conditions allow for reliable and reproducible results.

Significance and Applications

Peel adhesion is a critical property for pressure-sensitive tapes, as it determines the bonding strength between the tape and the substrate. The measurement of peel adhesion according to BS EN ISO 48942016 enables manufacturers to assess the tape's ability to adhere to different surfaces under various environmental conditions. This information is vital for product development, quality control, and selection of suitable tapes for specific applications. Industries such as automotive, packaging, construction, and medical rely on this standard to ensure the reliability and performance of tape-based adhesive applications.


BS EN ISO 48942016 plays an essential role in assessing the peel adhesion properties of pressure-sensitive tapes. By following the standard's guidelines and test methods, manufacturers can determine the strength of adhesive tapes, ensuring their products meet the required quality standards. This technical standard provides vital information for both manufacturers and users, enabling them to make informed decisions when selecting and utilizing pressure-sensitive tapes in various applications.


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