7006-26-4 "Not Go" Gauges for Screw Threads of E27 Lampholders

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Item No.: 7006-26-4
Made in China
Product description: IEC60061-3: 7006-26-4 E27 Not Go Gauges for Screw Threads of Lampholders. According to standard IEC 60061-3.

IEC60061-3: 7006-26-4 E27 Not go gauges for Screw Threads of Lampholders

The drawing is intended only to illustrate the essential dimensions of the gauge.

For details of screw thread of lampholders E10, EP10, EY10, E14, E27, E39 and E40, see sheets 7004-22, 7005-30, 7005-7, 7004-23, 7004-21, 7005-24A and 7004-24 respectively.

PURPOSE: To check the maximum minor diameter of the screw thread, dimenaion D1, of lampholders E10, EP10, EY10, E14, E27, E39 and E40.

TESTING: The screw thread of the lampholder shall be assumed to be correct if the gauge does not enter by its own weight so far that the thread protrudes beyond surface T.

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