G5 Torque Gauge​ of IEC61195

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Item No.: LX-G5N
Made in China
Product description: Test Holder for Torsion Test for G5 Capped Lamps.

Objective: Test Holder for Torsion Test for G5 Capped Lamps

Torsion resistance
IEC 61195 / GB 18774 Annex A Test Holder for Torsion Test for G5 Capped Lamps, IEC61195-1999 Figure A.1 - Holder for Torsion Tests on Lamps with Bi-pin Caps.

In order to ensure appropriate engagement between the cap and holder during the test, a locating device shall be fitted at a suitable distance from the holder to provide adequate support for the lamp.

The face of the cap shall be in close contact with the face of the special holder.




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