Plug Gauge for E14 Lampholder 7006-30-2

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Item No.: 7006-30-2
Made in China
Product description: IEC60061-3: 7006-30-2 Plug Gauge for E14 Lampholder for Testing Contact Making. According to standard IEC 60061-3.

IEC60061-3: 7006-30-2 Plug Gauge for E14 Lampholder for Testing Contact Making

The drawing is intended only to illustrate the essential dimensions of the gauge.

(1) The thread of the gauge is made to comply with the maximum dimensions of the appropriate cap, 

illustrated on sheet 7004-23, subject to a tolerance of +0.0 -0.03.

When the switch is in position 1 and the gauge is screwed home in the holder, the indicator lamps 

shall light.

In case of doubt whether the gauge is fully screwed home, a feeler gauge with an approximate thick-

ness of 0.08 mm and width of 5mm shall be used to check that clearance exists between the gauge and 

the top of the lampholder.

NOTE: The application of this gauge is restricted to lampholders for lighting fittings equipped with 

the following lamps when these are fitted with E14 caps, in accordance with sheet 7004-23:
Candle lamps*
Round bulb lamps
Dmestic tubular lamps
Pygmy lamps
*For holders with candleshaped shafts designed for candle lamps only, see sheet 7006-30A.




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