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What is EN ISO 1168:2016?

The EN ISO 1168:2016 is a professional technical standard used in various industries. It provides guidelines and specifications for the measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits using pressure differential devices.

The Importance of EN ISO 1168:2016

This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable measurements, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and chemical industries. It sets forth the requirements and recommendations for the design, installation, and operation of flow measurement systems.

Application of EN ISO 1168:2016

The EN ISO 1168:2016 is applicable to a wide range of scenarios where precise fluid flow measurement is required. It covers applications like custody transfer, fiscal metering, process control, and environmental monitoring.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 1168:2016

By following this standard, organizations can achieve several benefits. Firstly, it ensures reliable measurements and reduces discrepancies in metering, which is crucial for accurate billing and custody transfer. Secondly, it enhances process efficiency by providing valuable insights into flow behaviors. Lastly, it promotes compatibility and interoperability between different systems and devices, facilitating seamless integration.


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