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What is EN ISO 11681-23:2016?

EN ISO 11681-23:2016 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the measurement of electromagnetic fields in the frequency range from 0 Hz to 300 GHz. It is applicable to both occupational and public exposure assessments, ensuring the protection of individuals from potential harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The Scope of EN ISO 11681-23:2016

This standard covers various aspects related to the measurement of electromagnetic fields, including measurement procedures, instrument specifications, calibration, and data evaluation. It provides guidance on conducting measurements in different environments, such as indoor and outdoor settings, and for various sources of electromagnetic fields, including power lines, radiofrequency devices, and magnetic resonance imaging systems.

Measurement Techniques and Equipment

EN ISO 11681-23:2016 outlines different techniques for measuring electromagnetic fields, such as broadband field survey measurements and spot measurements. It specifies the requirements for instruments used in these measurements and provides recommendations for their calibration. The standard also defines parameters that need to be considered during the measurements, such as electric and magnetic field strength, power density, and exposure time.

Compliance with Regulatory Limits

One of the key objectives of EN ISO 11681-23:2016 is to ensure compliance with regulatory limits set by various national and international organizations. The standard provides guidance on how to assess compliance based on the measured values and compares them with the reference levels specified in relevant regulations. This helps in determining any potential risks associated with specific electromagnetic sources and enables appropriate mitigation measures to be taken.


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