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What is EN ISO 12100-2:2021?

EN ISO 12100-2:2021 is an international standard that provides guidelines for machinery safety. It aims to help manufacturers and users ensure the safety of their machinery by defining important principles and concepts. This article aims to give a comprehensive of the standard in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Purpose of EN ISO 12100-2:2021

EN ISO 12100-2:2021 addresses the risks associated with machinery and its various components. The purpose of this standard is to guide machine designers, manufacturers, and users on how to minimize or eliminate these risks during the different phases of the machinery lifecycle. By incorporating the principles outlined in this standard, all stakeholders can work towards improving machinery safety.

Main Concepts and Elements

The standard covers several key concepts and elements related to machinery safety. One such concept is the notion of "hazard." In the context of this standard, a hazard refers to a potential source of harm or danger. Hazards can arise from various factors, including mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical sources.

Another essential element is the risk assessment process. This involves identifying and evaluating potential hazards associated with machinery throughout its lifecycle. Risk assessments play a crucial role in determining the necessary control measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks. The standard also emphasizes the importance of involving all relevant parties, such as designers, manufacturers, and end-users, in the risk assessment process.

Implementation and Compliance

To implement EN ISO 12100-2:2021 effectively, manufacturers and users must follow specific steps. Firstly, they should identify any applicable legal obligations and technical requirements related to machinery safety. Then, they can begin the risk assessment process, which involves hazard identification, risk estimation, and determining appropriate risk reduction measures.

Once the risk assessment is complete, it is crucial to design and implement the necessary safeguarding measures. These may include physical barriers, protective devices, warning signs, and training programs for operators and maintenance personnel. Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of machinery performance and safety are also vital to ensure long-term compliance with the standard.

In conclusion, EN ISO 12100-2:2021 is an essential international standard that provides guidance on machinery safety. By understanding its purpose, main concepts, and implementation steps, manufacturers and users can work towards creating safer working environments and reducing the risks associated with machinery operations.


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