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What is EN ISO 12100:2021?

EN ISO 12100 is a technical standard that provides guidance on the design and manufacture of machinery to ensure safety for operators and users. The latest version, EN ISO 12100:2021, was published on [insert publication date]. This article aims to give a comprehensive of the standard and its significance for professionals in various industries.

Understanding the Scope

The scope of EN ISO 12100:2021 encompasses all aspects of machinery design, including mechanical, electrical, and control systems, as well as machine-related hazards. It follows a risk assessment approach to identify and eliminate or reduce potential risks during the entire lifecycle of machinery – from concept and design to operation, maintenance, and disposal.

The standard applies to all types and sizes of machinery, regardless of whether they are new or already existing in the market. It helps manufacturers, designers, and integrators comply with essential health and safety requirements, aligning with the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).

Key Principles and Requirements

EN ISO 12100:2021 emphasizes a holistic approach to machinery safety, considering both the machine as a whole and its individual components. It highlights the importance of eliminating or reducing risks through inherently safe design measures rather than relying solely on protective measures.

The standard outlines a structured methodology for identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing risk reduction measures through the hierarchy of controls. It encourages the use of inherently safe design principles, such as using guards, interlocks, and reliable safety devices, to prevent or minimize risks at their source.

Furthermore, the standard provides guidelines for the provision of information about machinery, including manuals, warnings, and markings. It emphasizes the need for clear and concise instructions, as well as adequate training, so that operators and users can understand the risks associated with the machinery and operate it safely.

Benefits and Compliance

Complying with EN ISO 12100:2021 brings numerous benefits for manufacturers and end-users. By following the standard, manufacturers can enhance the safety and reliability of their machinery, reduce accidents and injuries, and avoid costly litigation. It also improves market competitiveness by demonstrating compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

For end-users, using machinery designed and manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 12100:2021 provides assurance of its safety and ease of operation. It enables them to meet their legal obligations in providing a safe working environment for their employees and minimizes the risk of unexpected incidents or breakdowns.

In conclusion, EN ISO 12100:2021 plays a vital role in ensuring the safe design and use of machinery. Its comprehensive approach to risk reduction and compliance with essential health and safety requirements make it an indispensable tool for professionals involved in machinery design, manufacturing, and operation.


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