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What is BS EN 14015:2013?

BS EN 14015:2013 is a technical standard that outlines the requirements for the design and manufacture of steel tanks for the storage of liquids. This standard specifies the minimum design and construction criteria for such tanks, ensuring their safety, durability, and environmental protection.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of BS EN 14015:2013 covers vertical and horizontal cylindrical overhead tanks, fixed roof tanks, and floating roof tanks. It provides guidelines for tank components, design considerations, materials selection, fabrication processes, inspection, testing, and maintenance.

The purpose of this technical standard is to ensure that steel tanks used for storing liquids are designed and constructed in a way that prevents leakage, protects the environment, and reduces the risk of accidents, such as explosions or structural failures.

Key Requirements

Design Criteria: BS EN 14015:2013 specifies the design criteria for steel tanks, including load calculations, wind and earthquake resistance, foundation requirements, and temperature requirements. These criteria ensure that the tank can withstand various operational and environmental conditions.

Material Selection: The standard provides guidelines for the selection of appropriate materials based on the stored liquid, its corrosiveness, and compatibility with the tank material. This ensures the longevity of the tank and prevents contamination or degradation of the stored liquid.

Fabrication and Inspection: BS EN 14015:2013 sets requirements for fabrication processes, welding procedures, non-destructive testing, and hydrostatic testing. Regular inspections during the manufacturing process and periodic inspections throughout the tank's lifespan are necessary to ensure its integrity.

Maintenance and Repair: The standard also includes guidelines for tank maintenance, repairs, and alterations. These ensure that the tank remains in good condition throughout its service life, minimizing the risk of leaks or other safety hazards.


BS EN 14015:2013 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe design, manufacture, and operation of steel tanks for the storage of liquids. By adhering to this technical standard, companies can guarantee the integrity and durability of their tanks, protecting the environment and safeguarding personnel and assets from potential risks.


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