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What is BS EN 14081:1:2013?

BS EN 14081:1:2013 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements and specifications for machine stress grading of sawn timber. It provides guidelines for determining the mechanical properties of structural timber through non-destructive testing methods.

Why is it important?

This standard is crucial for the construction industry as it ensures the reliability and safety of timber structures. By accurately grading the strength properties of timber, engineers and architects can confidently design and construct buildings using sawn timber.

How does it work?

The BS EN 14081:1:2013 standard specifies the procedures for machine grading of timber based on visual inspection and mechanical testing. It outlines the requirements for machinery calibration, testing equipment, and sampling size. The standard also defines various strength classes for different grades of timber, allowing for appropriate selection based on specific design requirements.

Benefits of BS EN 14081:1:2013

By adhering to BS EN 14081:1:2013, the construction industry can benefit in several ways. Firstly, it ensures consistency in grading practices, eliminating variations in timber quality. This allows for more accurate prediction and evaluation of timber performance in structural applications. Secondly, the standard promotes fair trade by establishing a common understanding among buyers and sellers regarding the quality and strength of timber products. Finally, it enhances public safety by reducing the risk of structural failures and ensuring the long-term durability of timber structures.


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