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What is BS EN ISO 36631-2016

In today's world, technical standards play a crucial role in ensuring safety, reliability, and interoperability of products, services, and systems. One such important standard is BS EN ISO 36631-2016. This article aims to provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanation of this standard.

Understanding the Scope

The first thing to understand about BS EN ISO 36631-2016 is its scope. This standard focuses on drafting technical specifications for the development of software. It provides guidelines and best practices for writing clear, concise, and unambiguous technical documents that are essential for effective communication between different stakeholders.

Key Features and Benefits

BS EN ISO 36631-2016 offers various features and benefits that significantly contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of technical documentation.

Firstly, the standard emphasizes the importance of using plain language. Technical jargon and complex terms can often create barriers to understanding, especially for non-experts. By using clear and simple language, technical writers can ensure better comprehension and accessibility of the documents for all users.

Another crucial aspect of this standard is the inclusion of a standard structure for technical documents. This structure provides a consistent framework for organizing information, making it easier for readers to navigate and locate specific details. Furthermore, it enhances document traceability and enables efficient management of revisions and updates.

Implementing BS EN ISO 36631-2016

To successfully implement BS EN ISO 36631-2016, organizations should consider the following steps:

1. Awareness: Create awareness among technical writers, engineers, and other relevant stakeholders regarding the importance of this standard and its benefits.

2. Training: Provide training programs to equip technical writers with the necessary skills and knowledge required to follow this standard effectively.

3. Document Templates: Develop and distribute document templates that align with the recommended structure and guidelines outlined in BS EN ISO 36631-2016.

4. Review Process: Establish a thorough review process to ensure compliance with the standard's requirements. Regularly evaluate technical documents and provide constructive feedback for improvement.


BS EN ISO 36631-2016 is a critical standard that focuses on enhancing the quality of technical documentation. By following its guidelines, organizations can improve communication, facilitate collaboration, and enhance user experience. Embracing this standard can significantly contribute to the overall success of software development projects and ensure that technical documents are accessible and comprehensible to all stakeholders.


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