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What is BS EN ISO 3696:2016?

BS EN ISO 3696:2016 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for water used in laboratories and industrial applications. It provides guidelines for water purity levels and the methods to achieve and maintain those levels. Water is extensively used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, energy, and research laboratories.

Purity Requirements

The standard sets different purity classes for water depending on its application. Class 1 has the highest purity requirement, intended for critical laboratory and analytical operations, while class 4 has the least stringent requirement, suitable for general lab purposes. The standard defines maximum allowable impurities and their concentrations for each class.

Purification Methods

To meet the purity requirements, various purification methods are employed. Distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and filtration are some of the commonly used techniques. Each method removes specific impurities, such as ions, organics, and particulates. Often, a combination of these methods is used to achieve the desired level of purity.

Importance of Compliance

Complying with BS EN ISO 3696:2016 is crucial to ensure the reliability and accuracy of laboratory tests and experiments. Impure water can introduce contaminants that affect experimental results, leading to inaccurate conclusions and potentially compromising product quality. Moreover, adhering to this standard also helps maintain consistent quality in industrial processes, minimizing the risk of equipment damage and product failure.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 3696:2016 is an essential standard that provides guidelines for maintaining the purity of water used in laboratories and industrial settings. By following the standard's requirements and employing appropriate purification methods, organizations can ensure reliable experimental results and consistent product quality.


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