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What is BS EN 61788-12:2016?

BS EN 61788-12:2016 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for superconductor wires and tapes used in various industries. This standard, published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), provides guidelines for the design, production, and testing of these superconductive materials.

Key Applications of BS EN 61788-12:2016

The standard plays a crucial role in several areas, including:

Energy Sector: Superconductor wires are used in the generation, transmission, and storage of electricity. These materials offer high efficiency and can carry larger amounts of current without significant energy loss.

Medical Field: Superconductors find applications in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, offering enhanced image quality and improved diagnostic accuracy.

Transportation Industry: Superconductive wires play a vital role in the development of high-speed trains, levitation devices, and magnetic-levitation transportation systems.

Research and Development: Scientists use these materials to study fundamental physics phenomena, develop new technologies, and explore potential applications.

Specifications and Testing of Superconductive Materials

BS EN 61788-12:2016 outlines the specifications and requirements for superconductor wires and tapes. These include critical current density, electrical resistance, tolerance levels, and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and flexibility.

The standard also provides guidance on testing methods to ensure the reliability and quality of superconductive materials. These tests may involve measuring the critical temperature at which a material undergoes superconductivity, evaluating its ability to carry high current densities, or assessing its resistance to mechanical stress and cyclic loading.


BS EN 61788-12:2016 is a crucial technical standard for the production and application of superconductive wires and tapes. It provides guidelines and specifications that enable manufacturers to produce high-quality materials for various industries. By ensuring consistency and reliability, this standard plays a vital role in advancing technology, improving energy efficiency, and driving innovation across multiple sectors.


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