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What is BS EN 61800-7-1:2018


BS EN 61800-7-1:2018 is a technical standard that focuses on requirements and tests for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. In this in-depth technical article, we will delve into the key aspects and implications of this standard.

Main Features of BS EN 61800-7-1:2018

The primary aim of this standard is to establish general performance and testing specifications for all adjustable speed electrical power drive systems (PDS) with power ratings greater than 0.2 kW. These systems are utilized across various industries for controlling the speed of electric motors, thereby improving their efficiency and overall performance.

The standard covers a wide range of topics, including the overall system design, functional safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and installation requirements. It also outlines the methods for evaluating the system's performance and its compliance with the specified requirements.

Benefits and Implications

BS EN 61800-7-1:2018 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users of adjustable speed electrical power drive systems.

Firstly, by defining clear performance requirements, the standard ensures that these systems meet the necessary quality and safety standards. Manufacturers can design and produce products that not only meet customer expectations but also adhere to industry regulations.

Secondly, the standard helps end-users in the selection and procurement process. By choosing products compliant with BS EN 61800-7-1:2018, customers can have confidence in the performance, reliability, and safety of the purchased systems.


BS EN 61800-7-1:2018 is an important technical standard for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. It establishes clear requirements and test methods, ensuring the performance, safety, and interoperability of these systems across different industries.

Manufacturers benefit from the guidelines provided by the standard to design and produce reliable products, while end-users can make informed decisions and procure high-quality systems that meet their needs.

This standard contributes significantly to creating a safer and more efficient environment for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems.


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