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What is BS EN 60146-1:

BS EN 60146-1 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements for converter transformers used in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission. This standard specifies the design, testing, and performance criteria for these transformers, ensuring their safe and reliable operation in HVDC systems.

The Importance of BS EN 60146-1

Converter transformers play a crucial role in HVDC systems, as they facilitate the efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, reducing energy losses compared to traditional alternating current (AC) systems. BS EN 60146-1 ensures that these transformers are designed and manufactured to meet specific quality and performance standards, guaranteeing the reliability and stability of HVDC power transmission.

One key aspect addressed by BS EN 60146-1 is the thermal behavior of converter transformers. These transformers operate under high voltages and currents, which can lead to significant temperature rises. The standard defines strict limits on temperature rise, ensuring that the transformer remains within acceptable limits to avoid damaging insulation materials and prolong its operational life.

Testing and Compliance

BS EN 60146-1 also outlines comprehensive testing procedures to verify compliance with its requirements. These tests evaluate various transformer parameters, such as electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and dielectric properties. By subjecting converter transformers to rigorous testing, manufacturers can identify any potential weaknesses or faults before they are installed in HVDC systems, ensuring the reliability of the overall system.

Compliance with BS EN 60146-1 is not only essential for transformer manufacturers but also for utilities and operators involved in HVDC projects. Adhering to this standard ensures that all parties follow a consistent set of guidelines during the design, production, and installation of converter transformers, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues and enhancing the interoperability of HVDC systems.


BS EN 60146-1 provides a comprehensive framework for the design, testing, and performance requirements of converter transformers in HVDC power transmission. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their transformer products, while utilities and operators can have confidence in the quality and compatibility of the HVDC systems they are implementing.

As HVDC technology continues to advance and enable the integration of renewable energy sources and efficient long-distance transmission, adherence to BS EN 60146-1 becomes increasingly crucial. It ensures that converter transformers meet the demanding operational requirements of modern power grids, contributing to the sustainable development of the power industry.


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