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What is BS EN 600682782016

The BS EN 60068-27:2016 standard is a set of guidelines and requirements that governs the testing and evaluation of shock and vibration in electrical and electronic equipment. This technical article will provide a thorough understanding of this standard, its significance, and how it is applied in various industries.

of BS EN 60068-27:2016

The BS EN 60068-27:2016 standard specifically focuses on testing equipment for resistance to shock and vibration. It outlines various test methods that manufacturers can use to ensure their products can withstand the harsh environments they may encounter during transportation, operation, or installation. Whether it's an aircraft component, consumer electronics, or industrial machinery, compliance with this standard helps enhance product reliability and performance.

Testing Procedures and Criteria

The standard defines several tests, including free-fall drop, shock and bump, simulation of transport, random vibration, sinusoidal vibration, and resonant search. Each test is conducted to simulate real-world scenarios and assess the equipment's durability and functionality under specific conditions.

For instance, the free-fall drop test evaluates how well a product withstands drops from various heights. Whereas the sinusoidal vibration test determines the response of the equipment to vibrations at certain frequencies.

BS EN 60068-27 also sets criteria for evaluating test results. Equipment must meet specific thresholds for acceleration, displacement, or velocity, depending on the type of test conducted. In case of failure to reach the required standards, modifications and enhancements are necessary to improve the product's performance.

Benefits and Applications

Compliance with BS EN 60068-27:2016 offers several benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike. Firstly, it ensures the reliability and durability of the products, reducing the risk of breakdowns or failures caused by shock and vibration. This helps maintain consumer confidence and trust in the brand.

Industries that heavily rely on delicate and sensitive equipment, such as aerospace, automotive, and medical, benefit greatly from adhering to this standard. It allows them to design and produce robust products that can withstand the challenging environments they are exposed to.

In conclusion, the BS EN 60068-27:2016 standard plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and performance of electrical and electronic equipment. By testing their products against the outlined procedures and criteria, manufacturers can enhance their products' resilience and reduce the likelihood of failures due to shock and vibration. Embracing these guidelines is essential for industries where product reliability and longevity are of utmost importance.


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