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What is EN ISO 26718:2011?

The EN ISO 26718:2011 is an international technical standard that focuses on the requirements and guidelines for writing thorough technical articles. It provides a framework for writers to follow, ensuring the consistency, clarity, and reliability of technical documentation across various industries.

The Importance of EN ISO 26718:2011

This standard plays a crucial role in enhancing communication within technical sectors, such as engineering, manufacturing, and IT. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in EN ISO 26718:2011, technical writers can produce well-structured and comprehensive articles that effectively convey complex information and facilitate better understanding among readers.

Key Elements of EN ISO 26718:2011

EN ISO 26718:2011 covers several key elements that contribute to the quality of technical articles. These include:

Title and Abstract: The article title should accurately reflect its content, while the abstract provides a concise summary of the article's main points.

Introduction: This section provides the context, objectives, and scope of the article, giving readers a clear understanding of what to expect.

Structure and Organization: EN ISO 26718:2011 emphasizes the importance of logical sequencing, headings, subheadings, and other formatting techniques to guide readers through the article.

Technical Content: The standard emphasizes the use of precise language, avoiding ambiguity and providing accurate definitions and explanations of technical terms.

References and Citations: Properly citing and referencing sources adds credibility to the article and allows readers to access additional information if needed.

Conclusions and Recommendations: A well-written technical article should include clear conclusions and relevant recommendations based on the presented information.

Benefits of Following EN ISO 26718:2011

By following EN ISO 26718:2011, writers can benefit from improved consistency, readability, and usability of their technical articles. Clear and well-structured documentation reduces the risk of misinterpretation or confusion, saving time and effort for both writers and readers. Moreover, adhering to this standard enables effective knowledge sharing and contributes to the overall professionalism and reliability of technical communication.


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