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What is EN ISO 26793:2011?

EN ISO 26793:2011 is a technical specification developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This document provides guidelines and requirements for writing technical articles, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and consistency in the presentation of information.

Importance of EN ISO 26793:2011

EN ISO 26793:2011 plays a vital role in enhancing communication between technical writers and readers. It establishes a standardized framework that promotes the effective transfer of knowledge, reducing ambiguity and misunderstandings. By adhering to these guidelines, technical articles can be easily understood by a diverse range of readers, including experts and novices in the field.

Key Elements of EN ISO 26793:2011

EN ISO 26793:2011 covers various aspects of technical article writing, emphasizing key elements that contribute to its effectiveness:

Title and Abstract: A concise yet informative title and abstract provide an of the content, enabling readers to quickly assess its relevance.

Structure: Well-organized articles follow a logical structure, presenting information in a coherent and systematic manner. This includes clear section headings, subheadings, and appropriate usage of numbering or bullet points when necessary.

Language and Style: The use of clear, concise, and unambiguous language is crucial. Active voice is preferred, allowing for more direct and engaging communication. Technical jargon should be defined or clarified, and complex concepts explained using illustrative examples.

Visual Elements: Effective use of figures, tables, and diagrams can enhance the understanding of technical concepts, especially for complex or data-intensive articles. Proper labeling and citation of visual elements are necessary to maintain clarity and accuracy.

References: Accurate and comprehensive references should be provided to ensure transparency, credibility, and support for any claims or findings. Adherence to established citation styles is recommended.


EN ISO 26793:2011 sets the foundation for high-quality technical article writing, enabling effective communication and understanding among readers. By following its guidelines, writers can improve the clarity, accuracy, and accessibility of their articles, ensuring that knowledge is effectively transferred to a wider audience.


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