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What is EN ISO 26904:2014?

International standards play a crucial role in ensuring compatibility, quality, and efficiency across different industries. EN ISO 26904:2014 is one such standard that focuses on technical writing. It provides guidelines and requirements for creating comprehensive technical articles. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of EN ISO 26904:2014 and its significance in the realm of technical communication.

The Scope and Purpose

The primary purpose of EN ISO 26904:2014 is to establish a standardized structure and format for technical articles. It aims to enhance clarity and comprehension by defining key components such as sections, headings, and subheadings. This standard also emphasizes the need for concise and accurate language, using simple terms whenever possible. By following these guidelines, technical writers can ensure their work is accessible and understandable to readers from diverse backgrounds.

Key Features and Benefits

EN ISO 26904:2014 outlines specific features that contribute to the overall effectiveness of technical articles. One notable feature is the provision of tables and figures, which aids in presenting complex data in a visual and organized manner. Additionally, the standard recommends the use of relevant references to support claims and provide additional information. Compliance with this standard enhances documentation consistency and improves the overall usability of technical articles.

Industry Applications

EN ISO 26904:2014 has wide-ranging applications in various industries. It is particularly valuable in sectors where accurate communication of technical information is critical, such as engineering, manufacturing, and software development. By adhering to the principles outlined in this standard, organizations can streamline their documentation process, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance the usability of their technical articles.


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