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What is BS EN 60335-28-2018?

In the world of electrical appliances, safety regulations play a crucial role in protecting consumers from potential hazards. One such regulation is BS EN 60335-28-2018, which sets out specific requirements for safety aspects related to robotic lawnmowers and similar automated garden equipment.

of BS EN 60335-28-2018

BS EN 60335-28-2018 is part of the European product safety standard series BS EN 60335, which covers the safety requirements for household and similar electrical appliances. This particular standard focuses on the safety aspects associated with robotic lawnmowers and aims to ensure that these devices are designed and manufactured in a way that minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries.

The standard provides detailed guidelines for various factors including electrical safety, mechanical construction, functional safety, and noise emissions. It covers aspects such as the protection against electric shock, prevention of access to hazardous parts, safeguarding against unintentional starting, and effective braking systems. The standard also addresses issues like stability, manual stop ability, and emergency stop functions to enhance user safety.

Compliance and Benefits

Manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers and automated garden equipment must comply with BS EN 60335-28-2018 to gain market access within the European Union. Compliance involves thorough testing and evaluation of the products against the standard's requirements. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to consumer safety and ensure that their products meet the necessary safety standards.

Compliance with BS EN 60335-28-2018 provides several benefits. Firstly, it enhances the overall safety of robotic lawnmowers, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to users. Additionally, compliance helps manufacturers improve the reliability and durability of their products, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. By meeting the standard's requirements, manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage by differentiating their offerings in the market.

The Future of BS EN 60335-28-2018

With advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of automated garden equipment, the importance of BS EN 60335-28-2018 is only expected to grow. The standard may undergo revisions or updates to address emerging safety concerns or incorporate new technological developments. It will continue to play a significant role in ensuring the safe use and operation of robotic lawnmowers and similar devices.

In conclusion, BS EN 60335-28-2018 sets out safety requirements for robotic lawnmowers and automated garden equipment. Compliance with this standard is essential for manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products and gain access to the European market. BS EN 60335-28-2018 promotes consumer safety by focusing on various aspects such as electrical safety, mechanical construction, functional safety, and noise emissions. As technology advances, this standard will adapt to address new safety concerns and remain a key reference in the industry.


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