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What is BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014?


BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014 is a technical standard that specifically focuses on the safety requirements for household electric cooking ranges, hobs, ovens, and similar appliances. It defines the minimum safety criteria that manufacturers must comply with to ensure the safe and reliable operation of these appliances in domestic environments.

Key requirements of BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014

Safety Features:

This standard requires household electric cooking appliances to have various safety features to protect users from potential hazards. For example, it mandates that the appliance should automatically shut off if the power supply is interrupted or if it reaches an unsafe temperature. Additionally, it sets guidelines for the design and installation of controls and indicators, ensuring they are easily understandable and accessible to users.

Insulation and Protection:

BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014 also addresses insulation and protection requirements for these appliances. It ensures that all live parts are adequately insulated to prevent electrical shocks and short circuits. Furthermore, the standard specifies the required mechanical strength of the parts to withstand normal usage, including the weight of pots and pans, without any structural failure or risk of injury to users.

Compliance and Certification

Verification Process:

To confirm compliance with BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014, manufacturers need to conduct thorough tests and evaluations on their products. These tests cover aspects such as temperature rise, insulation resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance to internal and external heat sources. Only after successfully passing these tests can appliances receive certification, indicating that they meet the defined safety standards.

Importance of Compliance:

Adhering to BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014 is crucial for manufacturers as it ensures the safety and reliability of their products. Compliance with this standard not only protects consumers from potential hazards but also builds trust in the brand. It demonstrates a commitment to manufacturing high-quality appliances that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure user safety.

In conclusion, BS EN 60350-1:2013+A11:2014 provides a set of safety requirements that household electric cooking appliances must meet to ensure their safe operation within domestic environments. By complying with these standards and obtaining certification, manufacturers can offer reliable and trustworthy products to consumers, providing peace of mind when using these appliances in their homes.


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