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What is EN ISO 25567-2018?

A Brief Introduction

EN ISO 25567-2018 is a technical standard that sets guidelines and requirements for the measurement and assessment of vibrations and shocks in machinery. It provides a comprehensive framework for the evaluation of vibration levels generated by machines during their operation, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of operators and the longevity of the equipment.

The Importance of EN ISO 25567-2018

With the widespread use of machinery across various industries, understanding and managing the vibrations they produce is crucial. Excessive vibrations can lead to machine malfunctions, reduced productivity, and even pose health risks to individuals working with or around the equipment. EN ISO 25567-2018 plays a vital role in establishing universal guidelines for assessing vibration levels, enabling companies to implement suitable control measures and reduce potential hazards.

Key Requirements of EN ISO 25567-2018

The standard defines various aspects related to vibration measurement and evaluation. It specifies the instruments, sensors, and procedures necessary for accurate measurements. Additionally, it outlines recommended metrics for evaluating vibration magnitudes, frequency ranges, and durations. These requirements enable consistent and comparable measurements across different machines, facilitating effective analysis and subsequent actions to mitigate any identified risks.

Benefits and Applications

EN ISO 25567-2018 offers several benefits to both manufacturers and users of machinery. By adhering to the standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet safety regulations and deliver reliable performance. For users, compliance with the standard gives assurance of machine quality and enhances occupational safety. The standard's broad application extends to various industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, and healthcare, where machinery plays a vital role.


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