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What is EN ISO 25190:2019?

The EN ISO 25190:2019 standard is a specification for a particular type of product or service. It provides guidelines and requirements that organizations must follow to ensure quality and consistency in their operations.

Understanding the scope and purpose

The main purpose of EN ISO 25190:2019 is to establish a framework for organizations to develop and implement processes that are aligned with international standards. This ensures that these organizations can meet customer expectations and comply with regulatory requirements.

EN ISO 25190:2019 addresses various aspects of organization management, such as documentation, process monitoring, risk assessment, and continuous improvement. It promotes a systematic approach to quality management, enabling organizations to identify areas for improvement and take appropriate actions.

Key requirements and benefits

This standard outlines specific requirements that organizations need to meet. These requirements include setting quality objectives, conducting internal audits, and establishing a document control system. By adhering to these requirements, organizations can enhance their overall performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

EN ISO 25190:2019 also brings several benefits to organizations. Firstly, it helps them streamline their processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Secondly, it enhances risk management, allowing organizations to identify and address potential issues before they escalate. Lastly, it improves decision-making by providing reliable data and information for analysis.

In conclusion

EN ISO 25190:2019 is an essential standard for organizations seeking to improve their quality management practices. It provides a comprehensive framework that enables organizations to enhance their operations, meet customer expectations, and achieve regulatory compliance. By adopting this standard, organizations can gain a competitive edge while ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality products or services.


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