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What is BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019?

BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 is a standard introduced by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that pertains to medical suction equipment. This standard outlines the safety requirements and testing procedures for medical suction devices, ensuring their quality and reliability. The purpose of BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 is to provide guidelines for manufacturers, users, and regulators to maintain a high level of safety in medical suction equipment.

Importance of BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 Compliance

Compliance with BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 is essential for manufacturers and suppliers of medical suction equipment. By adhering to this standard, they can demonstrate that their products meet the necessary safety requirements. Compliance also assures healthcare providers and patients that the suction devices being used are reliable, in turn enhancing patient safety and wellbeing. Furthermore, regulatory bodies often require adherence to this standard as a prerequisite for market approval and distribution of medical suction equipment.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019

BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 specifies numerous requirements related to the design, construction, and performance of medical suction equipment. Some key aspects covered by this standard include electrical safety, device labeling, protective measures against mechanical hazards, and documentation of testing and performance evaluations. Additionally, it provides guidelines on the labeling of suction equipment, ensuring that end-users have sufficient information regarding the appropriate usage and handling of these devices.


In summary, BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019 plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and reliability of medical suction equipment. Manufacturers, suppliers, and healthcare providers must comply with this standard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of suction devices. By adhering to BS EN ISO 10079-2:2019, both industry professionals and patients can have confidence in the safety measures implemented within the medical field, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes.


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