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What is BS EN ISO 10012:2013


BS EN ISO 10012:2013 is a standard that provides guidelines for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of measurement management systems. These systems are crucial for ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in various fields, including manufacturing, engineering, and laboratory testing.

Key Components of BS EN ISO 10012:2013

The standard outlines several key components necessary for an effective measurement management system. These include:

Scope: Defines the boundaries and applicability of the measurement management system.

Normative references: Provides a list of other standards that are referenced throughout the document.

Terms and definitions: Clearly defines the vocabulary used within the standard.

Requirements: Outlines the specific requirements that organizations must follow to implement a measurement management system. This includes ensuring the availability of calibrated equipment, performing measurement uncertainty evaluations, and maintaining proper documentation.

Management responsibility: Emphasizes the importance of top management’s commitment to the measurement management system and their role in its successful implementation.

Resource management: Addresses the need for adequate resources, including personnel, equipment, and infrastructure, to support the measurement management system.

Measurement process: Describes the steps involved in the measurement process, including planning, execution, and analysis.

Monitoring, measurement, and analysis: Focuses on the need for regular monitoring, measurement, and analysis to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Improvement: Encourages organizations to continuously improve their measurement management system by identifying areas for enhancement and implementing corrective actions.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 10012:2013

Implementing BS EN ISO 10012:2013 brings several benefits to organizations:

Increased measurement accuracy and reliability, leading to improved product quality.

Enhanced confidence in measurement results, promoting trust and credibility among customers and stakeholders.

Better control over measurement processes, reducing the risk of errors and non-conformance.

Clear documentation of measurement procedures, ensuring consistency and standardization.

A framework for continuous improvement, enabling organizations to identify and address areas for enhancement.

Compliance with international standards, helping organizations meet customer requirements and gain a competitive edge.


BS EN ISO 10012:2013 is a comprehensive standard that provides guidelines for the establishment and maintenance of measurement management systems. By implementing this standard, organizations can ensure accurate and reliable measurements, leading to improved product quality, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. It is crucial for organizations in various industries to understand and adopt this standard to enhance their measurement processes and remain competitive in today's global marketplace.


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