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What is BS EN 1300-135?


BS EN 1300-135 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the construction and installation of electronic locking devices such as keypads, card readers, and biometric scanners. These devices are commonly used to control access to buildings, rooms, or certain areas within a facility.

The Importance of BS EN 1300-135

Ensuring the security and safety of individuals and assets is crucial in today's world. BS EN 1300-135 sets forth requirements that help achieve this goal. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers and installers can ensure that electronic locking devices meet specific criteria for reliability, resistance to tampering, and compatibility with existing access control systems.

Compliance with BS EN 1300-135 is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Following the guidelines provided by this standard helps organizations avoid potential security vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Key Requirements of BS EN 1300-135

BS EN 1300-135 outlines several key requirements that electronic locking devices must meet:

1. Reliability: Electronic locking devices should have a low failure rate and be able to perform consistently under different environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity variations.

2. Tamper Resistance: Measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized individuals from tampering with the devices. This includes designing the device casing and components in a way that makes it difficult to dismantle or manipulate without detection.

3. Compatibility: Electronic locking devices should be compatible with existing access control systems, allowing seamless integration and efficient management of access permissions.

4. User Interface: The user interface of these devices should be intuitive and easy to operate. Clear instructions on how to use the device should be provided, and any necessary training or user manuals should be available.


BS EN 1300-135 plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability and security of electronic locking devices used for access control. By following this technical standard, organizations can safeguard their premises, protect sensitive areas, and minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Compliance with BS EN 1300-135 demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high levels of security and provides peace of mind for both individuals and businesses.


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